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Our History

The first NLPHA Branch was formed in 1967 (under the leadership of Dr. D. Sheddon and Mr. D. Strong). It was incorporated in 1979. The organization has had multiple major reviews in its history, beginning with an assessment of roles and structure in 1977. NLPHA developed a strategic planning process to revise vision, mission, goals and objectives which is captured within the current NLPHA Strategic Plan 2011-2014
Throughout the years, the NLPHA has addressed many community health issues including: Salmonellosis, Family Life Education, School Nutrition, Water Fluoridation, Breastfeeding, Medicare, Acid Rain, PCB's, Primary Health Care, Mental Health Services, Low Level Flying, Food Security, Building Healthy Communities and Public Health Capacity

These and many other issues have been the focus for advocacy, education, and prevention programming. The NLPHA has hosted three CPHA national conferences.In November, 2012 the Association revised its By Laws. Recent highlights include position statements on Breastfeeding and WHO/UNICEF Baby-Friendly Initiative.

Meetings are held monthly by teleconference with one hour devoted to education or advocacy and one hour for business.

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