POSITION PAPERS Change Cheerful Seniors
NLPHA Position Statement Guidelines

Submitted Position Statements should be less than two (typed, single-spaced) pages and include the following:

• Introduction
Statement of NLPHA’s position on a topic/action which may be controversial; clearly and concisely written, yet covering all necessary aspects of the topic.

• Beliefs/Principles
Detailed listing of all relevant components of the statement, indicating potential consequences of the statement and/or responsibilities to the Association and the public as a commitment to the Statement. Substantiating data justifying NLPHA’s position on all points of the statement.

• Conclusion
Summary statement of NLPHA’s beliefs and actions or support for action, related to the issue.

• References (if necessary)
Definitions of words/terms which might not otherwise be understood, and which are not already clarified within the statement. Any supporting documentation used in the preparation of the statement, which strengthens credibility of the position taken by NLPHA.

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